Angebot für Tiere


Donkey Fun

Our Sardinian dwarf donkeys Giovanni and Aida love children and happily join in with games on the riding arena and accompanied walks, but they also have a mind of their own.


Trekking Romance

Cool forests and romantic paths are ideal for trekking on foot or with your own horse directly from the Hütteguet. Our clients are welcome to bring their own horses.


Falconry Flight

Falconer Karl Meier keeps falcons and knows a lot about falconry. Our customers learn how to handle the fascinating birds of prey from him and his falcons Lena and Timi.


Sound of the Alphorn

The fascination of the alphorn is hard to resist. With Hans Matt you can learn how to elicit the wonderful archaic sounds of this ancient Swiss instrument.


Horse Health

The veterinarian and animal physiotherapist Djamila Berthoud gives courses on equine health in theory and practice. You are also given the opportunity to have your horse treated physiotherapeutically.


Medicinal Herbs

Biodiversity is close to our hearts. Dozens of wild medicinal herbs grow on the Hütteguet. On a tour you will learn to recognise the herbs and find out what medicine has been using them for since ancient times.


Monastery Stories

The Hütteguet once belonged to Wettingen Abbey. The monks brewed their beer with the water from our spring. On a guided tour we delve into the history of this once rich and powerful monastery.