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Animals, Nature, Tradition and Culture

Exclusively for our Clients

Hütteguet Estate

Our country estate, called "Hütteguet", is situated at the entrance to a nature reserve and recreation area on the Lägern, which extends into the canton of Zurich and is ideal for horse riding, biking and hiking. Various forest sections stretch for several kilometres and offer interesting experiences and ideal recreation. The Lägerngrat with its highest point at 880 metres is walked by many hikers from the town of Baden to the medieval Regensberg.

The Granary

Traditionally, the granary served as a treasury and was not just any building: grain was stored in it. If the contents were lost, there would be neither bread nor grain mush, only hunger. Granaries never stood close to the farmhouse so that they would not catch fire in case of fire. But granaries were also not placed too far away from the farmhouse, but kept in sight, usually with a view directly from the farmhouse parlour. The treasury of the farmer's family was particularly interesting for thieves. For apart from grain, farmers also kept all kinds of valuable objects, textiles, documents and other treasures in the granary.

Granaries were often converted into a "Stöckli". A "Stöckli" is a smaller building erected on a farmstead, which was built for the old farmers and served as their home after the farm was handed over to the heirs.

Our granary dates from 1769, and the massive wooden doors and cross beams are still fastened with wooden nails from that time. The granary has three floors, and our clients particularly appreciate the great charm and special ambience of the conference room.

Willkommen auf dem Hütteguet

Our Offer

Exciting experiences await our private clients and their families around the Hütteguet, in an area full of nature, animals, culture and history. We offer romantic hikes on foot and on horseback and games with donkeys on the riding arena. You will learn how to handle a falcon or make an alphorn sound. Joy and unforgettable experiences are the main focus.


Donkey Fun

Our Sardinian dwarf donkeys Giovanni and Aida love children and happily join in with games on the riding arena and accompanied walks, but they also have a mind of their own.


Trekking Romance

Cool forests and romantic paths are ideal for trekking on foot or with your own horse directly from the Hütteguet. Our clients are welcome to bring their own horses.


Falconry Flight

Falconer Karl Meier keeps falcons and knows a lot about falconry. Our customers learn how to handle the fascinating birds of prey from him and his falcons Lena and Timi.


Sound of the Alphorn

The fascination of the alphorn is hard to resist. With Hans Matt you can learn how to elicit the wonderful archaic sounds of this ancient Swiss instrument.



Die Tierärztin und Tierphysiotherapeutin Djamila Berthoud gibt Kurse rund um die Gesundheit der Pferde und Hunde in Theorie und Praxis. Sie haben zusätzlich Gelegenheit, Ihr Pferd oder Ihren Hund physiotherapeutisch behandeln zu lassen.


Medicinal Herbs

Biodiversity is close to our hearts. Dozens of wild medicinal herbs grow on the Hütteguet. On a tour you will learn to recognise the herbs and find out what medicine has been using them for since ancient times.



Die Kinder und Enkel unserer Kundinnen und Kunden lieben die Ponys von Jacqueline Weber. Auf Wunsch bringt sie ihre Ponys zum Hütteguet. Die Kinder dürfen sie putzen, satteln und reiten.


Monastery Stories

The Hütteguet once belonged to Wettingen Abbey. The monks brewed their beer with the water from our spring. On a guided tour we delve into the history of this once rich and powerful monastery.



Mit der Pferdekutsche zum Kloster Wettingen, durch die Altstadt von Baden oder durch das romantische Eigital zum Golfpark Otelfingen.

Events at the Hütteguet

The children of the music group "Schwiizergoofe" had a lot of fun when they filmed the video for the launch of their new CD on the Hütteguet.


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